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September 17, 2012
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The Old Gang by MisterMech The Old Gang by MisterMech
A spur of the moment idea. Decided to present the Raider gang Pike used to run with.

Pike's notes:

"Startin' from Left t' Right we've got..

Pain-in-the-Ass- Youngest of us but louder than all of us put together! Once got sold to slavers. Couple days later, they sold him right back!

Pus - The gang's Medic, though I use the term very loosely. Applyin' bandaids and some healin' potion is about the extent of her expertise.

Last Laugh- Ah, my ol' ex-Marefriend with the lethal sense a' humor.... I believe you guy'd remember her from this. [link]

Hatchet- Poor lunk got the brunt of Laugh's pranks. You'd think she'd be a lil' more gentle with her brother. Still, the most patient pony I'd ever seen, especially fer a Raider...well, 'til the Taint got'im.

Crag - Only Griffin I'd ever met who couldn't shoot worth a damn. He made up for it by bein' one of the nastiest suckers in Melee fightin' and he's got the scars ta prove it. Most of the time though, he was just kinda lazy.."

MLP -> Hasbro
FOE -> Kkat
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chupathingy98 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I gotta' say, you've drawn a whole slew of pictures, and all the characters in your pictures have a fantastic display of emotions, but Last Laugh's little snicker right there is by far my favourite.
NotMarkSJ Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2012
And where are they now?
Kelkartel Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2012
Poor Hatchet. What he's fine. "GRAAG!"
Kalemon Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2012
This is exactly the kind of bunch of raiders I would like to see a fic written on. The flavourless "rawr I'm evil sadistic chem addict raider" types are kinda boring... Actual personalities and certain cheeriness almost highlights bad guys acts when they actually do their bad guy things. And like people have already said the expressions sure are expressive.
MisterMech Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2012
Thank you. If I could write a story for them, I would. :)
freezekitteh Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I could help, I'd be happy to be an editor
GaryGibbon Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2012
You're in luck, kalemon, I happen to be writing a raider fic!

And the main characters are getting revision too to have personalities!

It's all good.
freezekitteh Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
so... May I be an editor? I need to get away from this writer's block I've been having, and even editing will help me
GaryGibbon Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2012
For sure, man. I have no editors whatsoever, and I need the help!
ArtieStroke Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Poor Hatchet...
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